Finally said “yes”: Sebastian Fitzeck married Linda!


Sebastian Fitzek (50) shares great news! The German writer is best known for his works “Therapy” and “Premise”. But things are going very well for him not only professionally, but also in his personal life. In 2021, he and his partner Linda became parents of a son. A few months later they got engaged. And now Sebastian and Linda are finally married!

Instagram: He shared a few snaps of his romantic day on his Instagram. Sebastian and Linda got married in Croatia by the water. How happy he and his wife are is written on their faces. In addition, the author expressed his love in touching words: “Never before in my imagination have I been able to imagine such a beautiful creature as Linda, who said yes to my happiness in life.”

After the wedding, apparently, there was a big party. In the picture, Linda and Sebastian are standing on the dance floor surrounded by their loved ones. The bride looks perfectly happy with her fiance, and a small firework made the two of them shine even more.


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