Finally, Inspector Alicia Sierra will be replaced. How?


Inspector Alicia Sierra was a strong and ardent woman. Now Alicia is on the warpath, but it looks like there will be more heartbreak to come as La Casa de Papel fans have spotted a hint that she will be replaced.

Fans are now wondering who will replace Alicia and many believe that Ángel Rubio will be the one to take on the role in La Casa de Papel. When theorizing Alicia’s fate, fans think they should get a male inspector.

It would certainly be interesting to see Lisbon, formerly Raquel Murillo, and The Professor grapple with a male negotiator, especially if it was Angel in La Casa de Papel.

Lisboa and Ángel have a history, the latter in love with the former inspector. Fans will remember how far Ángel went to protect her friend in seasons one and two of La Casa de Papel.

This is plausible as The Professor star Álvaro has hinted that the pair will not last in future series of La Casa de Papel.

Alvaro expressed that his character is a very strange guy, a very lonely guy and what happened with the band and finding love is a really small chapter in his life at La Casa de Papel.

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