Finally! Google Docs Is Updated And Receives Improvements In Creating Tables


Google Docs continues to receive new features in order to make it a more attractive option for users who use Microsoft Word, which, unlike its main competitor, provides an organized interface and has the resources to optimize time while editing. texts or tables.

The recent update released by the company for Docs meets the demand of the service’s consumers and implements some changes that are welcome to the platform.

The update brought several improvements to the Docs table system, making the editing process simpler and more intuitive for those who have never used the tool. Among the main innovations are the possibility of reordering columns just by dragging with the mouse, adjusting the arrangement of data according to some criteria and more.

According to information, the new features will be implemented in batches from this Wednesday (07), because of this it is possible that the functions listed below are not available to you. For now we still don’t know when the developer will release homogeneously, but based on previous updates it shouldn’t take long and will arrive for Google Workspace, G Suite Basic and Business customers.

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1. Data organization

2. Table management

3. Column order

4. Header row

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