FINALLY! A Law Firm Has Succeeded in Serving Kanye West After a Long Effort to Track Him Down


Kanye West was finally served. The law firm Greenberg Traurig has been in the news for a long time. First for representing Ye, then for trying my best to get rid of him as a client. The reason for his dismissal is largely due to his arguments and anti-Semitic comments, which ultimately hurt people in general.

The founder of the firm came from an environment in which they faced discrimination. Therefore, when Ye made remarks about Jews and praised Hitler, the firm decided to break off relations with him. But it wasn’t easy to do it. In fact, it was a process that lasted several months, and finally they succeeded.

A Law Firm Has Finally Succeeded in Serving Kanye West after a Recent Disappointment

While Kanye West was all over the news, tracking him down in person seemed to be a daunting task. According to AllHipHop, the New York law firm Greenberg Traurig LLP has struggled for months to serve Ye to ease itself as his lawyers. But it seemed a daunting task even for such a large firm. Nina D. Boyajian from the law firm stated that the lawyer contacted them on behalf of Ye. “I asked him to coordinate the Order’s personal service on Ye,” she said. In the end, the request was granted, and on February 1, the aforementioned lawyer sent an email with a certificate of delivery. Their struggle to relieve themselves has come to an end.

So far, the firm has been trying to come up with alternative plans for his service, including requests for ads in newspapers in Los Angeles, where he lives. But their requests were rejected by Judge Analisa Torres, a U.S. District judge. She rejected the request on the grounds that the firm could not thoroughly track Ye.

In return, she offered the firm to hire a private investigator and provided additional time for this. The firm initially represented Ye in the copyright case, but when they disappear, it will be seen how things will develop. The artist has gone through a lot of lawyers because of his comments or lack of payments.

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