Final Fantasy XVI will be geared towards action


Naoki Yoshida states that they are working on making the title accessible to less experienced players. The game is in development for PS5.

Final Fantasy XVI will focus its gameplay primarily on action, explained Naoki Yoshida, producer of the title and head of Final Fantasy XIV, on the TOKYOFM / JFN radio show One Morning (via Tony Garsow). Although the main topic of the conversation was the fourteenth installment, during the interview they also talked about the expected Square Enix title for PS5, currently in development and without a release date.

According to Yoshida, the goal with Final Fantasy XVI is to have accessibility options so that people who are new to or unfamiliar with action JRPGs can enjoy the adventure without problems. Also, the producer confesses that they are working hard on the history of the game, a backbone of the saga in the making and that they do not want to ignore it in this new iteration.

Although details have not transpired on how these accessibility options will be – fans speculate with a system similar to the Final Fantasy XIV Safeguard System – it is to be expected that the difficulty of the title is adaptable to the interests of the player. On the other hand, regarding combat, it should be said that the person responsible for its design is Ryota Suzuki, a former Capcom designer (Devil May Cry 4, DMC V, Dragon’s Dogma) who since last June 2020 has been part of the team. from Square Enix in the third business development division; ie Naoki Yoshida’s.


No news about Final Fantasy XVI so as not to generate expectations

In another recent interview with The Washington Post, Yoshida has justified the silence surrounding the news about Final Fantasy XVI, but the reason is none other than not raising expectations that do not know when they will be able to materialize. “Talking when it’s half cooked is very risky,” he said sincerely. “If something is mentioned, someone will post it on social media and start spreading it, so people will generate expectations.” So, there is no choice but to wait for the team to advance enough to give news and offer a possible premiere window of the title on PlayStation 5.

MeriStation had the opportunity to interview Naoki Yoshida on the occasion of the success of Final Fantasy XIV and Shadowbringers, the video game’s most celebrated expansion so far. His work philosophy is clear: always give the maximum with each update, with each new content: “[…] we are constantly trying to give 100%, to give the best of ourselves,” he told us, making it clear that there would be more expansions in the future. Now we know the name of that new expansion, Endwalker.