Final Fantasy XVI stops information for expectations


The new main title for the series was announced during the PS5 launch event, but no release date was confirmed.

Square Enix has maintained a relative silence when it comes to Final Fantasy XVI, a title that after its official presentation did offer some other details about its history, the characters and the world that we will travel during our adventures. The main reason is that the study does not want expectations to fall for no reason. This has been assured by Naoki Yoshida, producer of the video game, in an interview published in The Washington Post newspaper.

“Each person will probably have their own idea or image of what the next Final Fantasy should be,” he comments. “Talking when half cooked is very risky. If something is mentioned, someone will post it on social media and start spreading it, so people will generate expectations ”. In this way, in the specific case of Final Fantasy XVI, when the study reveals information they hope “that it shows the type of game they are going to do” so that they are the ones who control “the type of enthusiasm they can offer”.

No release window yet

The expected return of the saga does not yet have a specific release date, not even a reference. What is known is that Square Enix plans to make several announcements about the game in 2021. It is unknown to what extent the coronavirus pandemic has affected the development of the title, although the Japanese were not overly optimistic when referring to the effects of the long-term pandemic. Square has been allowing many of its employees to work from home for some time, an option that will be available on a permanent basis.

Final Fantasy XVI is in development exclusively for PS5, despite the confusion that was generated due to the mentions of the PC. It is a darker title than usual, with a war that seems fierce and some characters who will have to deal with the crystals of power, a common source of conflict.


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