Final Fantasy XVI, reason to believe


We take a look at what we know about the new Square Enix game, marking a new era for the saga by rising names in the studio

One of the big surprises of the Sony event around PS5 was the presentation of Final Fantasy XVI, which led the presentation as a “console exclusive” for the new Sony platform, although what was shown were PC sequences emulating the PS5 hardware, just as indicated from the beginning. This and the fact that a launch window was not announced should already give us a first clue: it will go a long way. There will be no more news about the game until 2021, so it is clear that we are not on the verge of seeing it in stores, precisely.

At the same time, it is important to note an important distinction from other major game introductions in the series. Usually, at least in the last installments, a presentation of a new main Final Fantasy is usually conceptual, with spectacular cinematics by Visual Works and without specifying too much, brushstrokes and big plans but that do not allow to guess too specific elements. With this installment we have seen something very different: everything seemed in-game, with a very marked tone and style and even a refreshing amount of game and combat. Nothing to present three games at the same time, nor “Fabulas Novas”, nor castles in the air. A presentation that exudes feet on the ground.

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