Final Fantasy XVI promises to improve its graphics


The project, led by Naoki Yoshida, wanted to show real content instead of raising false expectations. They have more surprises on the way.

Final Fantasy XVI has become one of the most anticipated video games of the next generation of consoles. The new iteration of the Square Enix series for PS5, produced by the head of Final Fantasy XIV, Naoki Yoshida, presented a technical section that did not surprise due to its technical scale, but the Japanese creative has declared in the framework of the Tokyo Game Show 2020 that will improve and optimize the graphic section before launch.

“We have not shown the high points of the game in this trailer”

“I didn’t want the trailer to be just a rendered scene and bam, a logo,” he begins by saying. “What I wanted was to use resources that were in-game, in motion, in real time, but the times were not the best,” he acknowledges. As he explains, everything they showed was not as optimized as they would have liked, but Square Enix did not choose the presentation dates for PlayStation 5 titles. Not in vain, “We have not shown the high points of the game in this trailer, so that will come later, when we can do it in a timely manner. ” We will have news in October.

According to Yoshida: “If we released a pre-rendered trailer, people would have said, ‘Okay, see you in 2035!’ Or something like that,” but he and his team wanted what was presented at the PlayStation Showcase to be tangible, consistent to reality.

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