Final Fantasy XVI may be introduced soon!


One of the popular action RPG games and one of the legends of its time, Final Fantasy can be added to a new game in the series. Although no statement has been made by Square Enix so far, the claims that have emerged indicate that the new game will come to light soon. New claims about Final Fantasy XVI have arrived!

New claims about Final Fantasy XVI have arrived!

According to the news of the website Twisted Voxel, work for the new Final Fantasy game started not so long ago. The site that made the news even discovered Final Fantasy XVI’s Twitter account. Although the account is kept secret for now and no sharing has been made, it looks like an account taken by Square Enix when investigated in detail. The reason for this is that the email address to which it is connected during the account recovery process is in the form of “fa ********* @ s ********”. So although it is not understood much, we can say that it is a page taken by Square Enix according to what it seems.

Of course, this claim is a very early event. No statement has been made by the company about the game until today. So it can be mail and account received by a random person.

What do you think about the new Final Fantasy game? Do you think the appearances are the harbinger of a new game or a random account? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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