Final Fantasy XVI is Recording First in British English


Final Fantasy XVI: Since its announcement, it was already clear that Final Fantasy XVI would have a medieval western footprint very inspired by the aesthetics and atmosphere of series like Game of Thrones. According to producer Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida, even the adventure dialogue is being recorded initially in English with a British accent this time!

Until now, Square Enix’s tradition was always to initially record voices in Japanese, and only then migrate to other languages, which were later dubbed using oriental material as a reference.

Information about the changes in plans was revealed by Yoshi-P on the Washanaga program and translated by the Siliconera website. There, the producer promised that Japanese-language recordings will begin shortly, and that many scenes will use motion capture and full facial detection to ensure greater fidelity in synchronizing speech and lip movement.

Still no release date confirmed, Final Fantasy XVI will be left out of the Tokyo Game Show this year, as the idea is to show more news and trailers of the game only when its release is closer.

What do you think of what’s been shown from the new Final Fantasy so far? Did you enjoy the more westernized footprint or do you miss the JRPG air? What else would you like to see in Final Fantasy XVI? Let us know in the comments below!