Final Fantasy XVI details updates on the protagonist


The game has now completed its basic development, but there is still work on the cutscenes and other aspects of the production.

Square Enix announced the development of Final Fantasy XVI at the PlayStation 5 game presentation event. It did so through its debut trailer, which has given much to talk about throughout these weeks. Be that as it may, the basic development has already finished, although that does not mean that the game is ready to go on the market. According to the study, the cinematics and other aspects of the video game remain to be polished. In an interview with Famitsu, producer Naoki Yoshida and director Takai Hiroshi have provided new information on the story, characters and much more (Japanese translation by Aitaikimochi).

The main character is Joshua’s knight, who has sworn to protect him from all evil. However, in this fantasy world, the life of human beings is not possible without the presence of crystals, whose existence is seriously threatened. Joshua, the boy in the trailer, is a young man capable of using fire magic to heal wounds.

According to Square Enix, it is a title with a combat system that mixes action with RPG mechanics, which of course also allows the summoning of creatures. In addition to Ifrit and Phoenix, Shiva, Titan and other powerful creatures will participate in the battles that will determine the survival of the kingdom and the human being.

Growing team

Naoki Yoshida explained that the project started with a small team, but they soon recruited new talent. He highlights that they work to deliver a product with a great story and playability, while ensuring that the team works in a fully cohesive manner. The next big announcement will take place in 2021, so we will have to wait for the news and surprises that the Square Enix team has prepared.

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Takai Hiroshi, meanwhile, has been with the Japanese company since the days of Final Fantasy V. “I’ve been able to work [on Final Fantasy XVI] from the beginning of development, and we’ve faced a lot of challenges. According to his words, there is still “some time” for players to enjoy the experience.

Final Fantasy XVI is planned exclusively for PlayStation 5, although it has not been clear if it will be released on other platforms such as PC or Microsoft consoles in the future.


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