Final Fantasy XVI details its world with new images


As had been promised by Square Enix last month, today the new official Final Fantasy XVI website went live, and it is full of images, unpublished information and the best: everything completely localized in Portuguese! Visit the national website here.

The announcement was made in a Tweet on the official game account, as you can see above. “Take a step back and admire the new artwork from # FF16, the latest numbered title in the series. Today we launched its official website featuring the world and characters of the game.”

According to the website, the protagonist Clive Rosfield is the eldest son of the archduke of Rosaria. He was supposed to inherit the flames of Phoenix and awaken as his dominant, but fate preferred to pass the burden on to his younger brother Joshua Rosfield. Above, the duo appears in beautiful art.

At the age of fifteen, Clive wins the ducal tournament and is named First Shield of Rosaria, being then charged with protecting the Phoenix. But things get complicated when Ifrit, a mysterious dark Eikon, puts him on a dangerous path towards revenge.

The new RPG will take place in Valisthea, a land blessed with the light of the Crystals-Matter. Also according to the official website, great powers have grown up around each Cristal-Matter, and an unstable peace has long reigned between them. The problem is that the spread of Prague threatens to destroy its domain and permanently undermine peace.

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