Final Fantasy XVI Completes Its “Basic Development”


The new title in the series, announced as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, still has no announced release date. Creative Business Unit III, the Square Enix studio working on Final Fantasy XVI, is looking for new staff.

This has been evident in a recently published job offer, which has also served to learn new details about the expected new main installment of this popular fantasy and role-playing saga. According to the information, the basic development has already been completed, as has the production of the scenarios. However, that does not mean that the creative process has come to an end, as there are still elements to be polished.

“We have already completed the basic development and production of scenarios,” they publish in a Japanese text that has been collected by Gematsu. “We will continue to create large-scale resources and boss battles as we expand our various development tools.” In addition, they add, given the situation of the coronavirus crisis, most of the team is working from home.

More information in October

When Final Fantasy XVI was announced at the PlayStation 5 event, some gamers questioned its graphics. Faced with criticism, the study reported that their appearance would improve in the future. Still, they didn’t want to show cinematic without actual game content, so they preferred to offer a crystal clear picture of what they were doing.

“I didn’t want the trailer to be just a rendered scene and bam !, a logo,” acknowledged Naoki Yoshida, producer of this new chapter, during the Tokyo Game Show. “What I wanted was to use resources that were in-game, in motion, in real time, but the times were not the best.” What was shown needed more optimization, but also, they did not show “the high points” of the title. There will be new information this month of October.

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