Final Fantasy XIV will work on PS5 with reduced load times


Square Enix confirms that all options for the PS4 Pro version will be enabled when the console goes on sale.

Final Fantasy XIV remains for a while. That is the idea that Square Enix has spread over the last few months. After several years in the market, the MMORPG of the Japanese will give the jump to the new generation of consoles. It will not do it with a version specifically optimized for PlayStation 5, but it will use backward compatibility to offer its entire gaming experience. However, that does not mean that it will not have some improvements. According to Square Enix, thanks to the SSD hard drive you will be able to enjoy faster loading times. On the other hand, the company confirms that all the options of PS4 Pro will also be available in the new system.

Among the PS4 Pro options that we can use on PS5 is the possibility of setting it to 1440p, while the framerate will rise to 60 fps. At the time of writing, the Final Fantasy XIV team is participating in a stream to provide details of the next patch, 5.4, which will be available in early December. At the moment, they have not revealed if they have plans to optimize the product with a true new generation version.

And what about Xbox?

Final Fantasy XIV is currently available on PlayStation 4 and PC. Although Naoki Yoshida, director of the video game, has indicated that relations with Microsoft are fluid, an adaptation to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. has not yet been announced. However, Yoshida himself said that it is not something that was ruled out or a lot less. “Each of our partners is important. I want to expand our business in the future without disrespecting any of them, “he explained in a statement to Game Watch.

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