Final Fantasy XIV Will Be On Sale Again At The End Of January


Final Fantasy XIV became such a fever that even its digital copies “sold out”. This is just a way of saying that Square Enix has suspended sales of the game to avoid server congestion. And now we have good news for those who haven’t had a chance to get into the game of the moment: FF XIV will be on sale again on January 25th.

The information is official and comes directly from the game’s director, Naoki Yoshida. The game doesn’t just have a date to go back on sale, but even a time: 5 am, Brasília time.

The servers will likely be saturated by the time the game goes back on sale, but waiting too long to buy might not be a good option. Yoshida mentioned that there is, yes, the possibility of sales being suspended again in the future to avoid congestion, if necessary.

We’ll know more when the game returns to digital stores on January 25th, because that’s also the date when the new server for Final Fantasy XIV will start working, in Oceania. With the online server we will be able to see in practice how much it will help to unburden the popularity of the game, and thus sustain its sales. Of course, the pace of purchases when it goes back on sale will also be an important metric to see if a new suspension is really necessary or not.