Final Fantasy XIV: The Rising Event Starts This Week


Final Fantasy XIV: The Rising, Among so many versions, Final Fantasy XIV: The Realm Reborn is one of the most special for fans: it represented the relaunch of the series’ MMORPG, which was poorly received when it arrived in 2010. That’s why, every late August, Square Enix celebrates this moment with its event “The Rising”, within the Final Fantasy XIV universe.

The Rising 2021 was announced last August 20th by Square Enix and should start next Friday, the 27th, running until September 9th. Check out the official announcement below and read on to find out what Square Enix is ​​up to for this year’s event.

Exclusive Rewards and Return of Old Items

To participate in The Rising 2021, players must be at level 15 of Final Fantasy XIV or above. With this, it is possible to start the quest “Rising Calm” by visiting NPC Kipih Jakkya in the Ul’dah region.

By participating in the event, you can earn exclusive items to use in the game. The first is the Red Moon Umbrella, which has references to the episode of Dalamud’s fall during the Seventh Calamity of the Threshold. Also, there’s the Nymeia Potpourri, which you can use to make a flowered wreath.

These offers have been rated “disappointing” in social media comments, while other people find the items interesting — even more so that they will be given away for free and, for free, “even a shot in the forehead.” But, for those who want more things, Square Enix has already announced that items from other editions of the event will be for sale through an NPC. Let us know what you think of the promised rewards for the event in the comments.

Final Fantasy’s The Rising 2021 event will be available to players on Playstation 4 and 5 in addition to PC. As stated, it takes place from August 27th (Friday) to September 9, 2021.


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