Final Fantasy XIV: The best builds for a single game


Final Fantasy XIV is not a lone hero style MMORPG. But there are ways to create tasks and play them to make them more convenient for solo. This is usually done with high healing and reduced damage, which can cause collisions to last much longer than intended.

Most Final Fantasy XIV battles are designed to be played together with four, eight or 24 participants. However, both external content and fights from old add-ons may have less active players. Although solo is a good backup option, you can ask for help whenever possible.

To simplify single player playthrough, players will want to have upgraded equipment and be at or above the level recommended for combat. In addition, the addition of a chocobo companion from Final Fantasy XIV can fill in the gaps in damage and healing. Solo does not require consumables such as food or medicine, but storing spare ones obtained as a result of quests can help in a pinch.

Single Cases and Abilities in Final Fantasy XIV


Warriors have self-healing built into their normal attack rotation, along with other means of recovering lost life points. They may take a lot of initial damage, but they have enough time to recover almost full health. Since warriors are one of the first job options, players will be able to get used to their style of play even during the main game of Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn.

Path of the Storm (level 26): Crippling combo action, restores HP with a strength of 250 Battle Cards (level 30): increases the maximum amount of HP by 20% and restores the difference Revenge (level 38): reduces damage received by 30% and counteracts all attacks with a strength of 55Holmgang (level 42): Prevents drop HP below 1 for ten seconds Raw Intuition (level 56): All weapon skills for the next six seconds restore HP with 400Equilibrium strength (level 58): Restores HP with 1200 strength and receives HP regeneration with 200 strength for 15 seconds. Shake it Off (Level 68): Imposes a barrier for 15 seconds that prevents damage equal to 15% of the maximum HPBloodwheting (level 82): All weapon skills are restored for the next eight seconds. HP with a power of 400 and prevents damage equal to healing with a power of 400.


Scientists are real survivalists with both damage prevention and powerful healing. Their damage is average, so solo may take a little longer than other options. Scientists are an upgrade of the initial Arcanist class, but around the same time, players will also receive a double Summoner profession in Final Fantasy XIV.

Whispering Dawn (level 20): regen potency 80 for 21 seconds. Adloquium (level 30): Blocks damage equal to 180% of recovered HP. The percentage increases by another 180% if the Adloquium receives critical help (level 35): blocks 160% of the damage being healed to itself and any allies, including the summoned Chocobofey Illumination (level 40): increases the healing power by 10% and reduces the magic damage received by 5% for 20 seconds. Energy Theft (Level 45): Deals damage with a strength of 100 and absorbs some as HP is restored. Lustrate (level 45): Restores HP with a strength of 600. Sacred Soil (level 50): Reduces damage received by 10% within the target. area. In addition, you get regeneration with a power of 100 for 10 seconds. Indomitability (Level 52): Restores HP to himself and all allies with a strength of 400. Deployment Tactics (Level 56): Extends the duration of the current Adloquium and Succor effects. Emergency Tactics (Level 58). : Expends current Adloquium and Succor to instantly restore HP equal to the barrier amount. Excogitation (Level 62): Automatically restores HP when 50% HP is lost or after 45 seconds, whichever comes first. Chain Stratagem (level 66): target enemy is more likely to suffer Critical Damage Gravity (level 74): Ensures that the next Adloquium, Succor, Indomitability or Excogitation will restore critical HPExpedient (level 90): Reduces damage received by 10% and increases movement speed by 20 seconds.

The Dark Knight

Dark Knights have extremely high defense, which allows them to stay at maximum health or withstand attacks that can kill others. However, compared to Warriors, the Dark Knight has fewer opportunities to restore lost health, which makes it important to know the time and abilities. Since the Dark Knight was introduced in Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward, players already need to reach level 50 to get this job.

Soul Eater (level 26): Combo Siphon Strike, restores HP with the power of 340Flood of Darkness (level 30): increases damage dealt by 10% at a cost of 3000 MPShadow Wall (level 38): reduces damage received by 30% 15 seconds Dark Mind (level 45): Reduces magic damage received by 20% For 10 seconds, the Living Dead (Level 50): During the 10-second “Living Dead” action, players will not die with 0 HP.