Final Fantasy XIV Sale Suspended Due To Excess Players


Final Fantasy XIV: Developer Square Enix announced this Wednesday (15) that it will suspend sales of Final Fantasy XIV indefinitely. The reason is curious: the game’s absolute success in terms of the number of players online.

According to the company, the MMORPG servers simply haven’t kept up with the high demand for some time, which results in long queues for players and numerous error messages for those who spend too much time on hold. Since October 2021, it has become the most profitable title in the entire franchise.

To alleviate these problems, the game’s director, Naoki Yoshida confirmed that sales of Final Fantasy XIV were halted in all versions, including digital and retail, valid for both the Starter Edition and the Complete Edition. Only expansion updates are still for sale, as they don’t impact the amount of players.

Registration for the Free Trial has also been suspended to prevent more and more people from causing traffic jams.

On the other hand, subscribers have gained priority in the login queue, while those in the testing phase can only participate during off-peak hours — that is, during the morning or evening. In addition, the company will give an additional 14 days of subscription to members who pay for the service as a form of compensation.

What happened?

In addition to the great phase of the title, recently boosted with the release of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, restrictions and measures to combat the covid-19 pandemic and the semiconductor crisis in the industry meant that the brand was unable to expand the number of servers in time — and not even be able to manufacture or order the high-precision and complex equipment needed to expand existing data centers.

The company hopes that the situation will be normalized soon, including the availability of dedicated servers for some regions, but did not give specific deadlines. In January 2022, a more detailed calendar is expected to contain new information about the restart of sales and testing.

You can read Square Enix’s full release on the game’s official website.