Final Fantasy XIV Players Show Their Rejection Of Square Enix’s NFTs


Final Fantasy XIV: The community of the successful multiplayer role-playing game takes a position against Yosuke Matsuda’s statements and threatens to abandon the title. Square Enix has been the last major video game company to position itself in favor of NFTs. It has done so through President Yosuke Matsuda, who hopes that this new way of monetizing content “becomes a trend.” The statements did not sit well with the majority of users of the company’s popular MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV; The community has made it clear that it is against the movement and there have been few who have taken advantage of the game’s official subreddit to show their discomfort.

If we take a look, we can immediately find from ironic messages such as “if they add them to Final Fantasy XIV, then I will have much more free time” or jokes about the queues disappearing, to harsh criticism in which the word “Scam” appears on more than one occasion. The most common message, shared by multiple users, is the threat of dropping the title if Square Enix continues to advocate using NFT.

Ubisoft has also received complaints

The French company was one of the first to open the ban by presenting Ubisoft Quartz, its NFT platform for its video games. A movement that has provoked diverse reactions both in some of its own employees, as well as in the gaming community. Didier Genevois, Technical Director of Blockchain, recently commented that they are aware that the change “will take time” and that they will remain “faithful to its principles”.

NFT: what are they?

They are the acronym in fashion in recent times. NFT stands for Not Fungible Token in English and refers to exclusive digital objects that, unlike cryptocurrencies, cannot be exchanged; their numbering makes them unique. The simple explanation is that if a user acquires one of these items, he is the only existing owner; he is hers and no one else’s.