Final Fantasy XIV Online Experiences Long Queues And Bugs Before Endwalker


Final Fantasy XIV Online: Naoki Yoshida, producer of the game, has already explained and apologized to all Final Fantasy XIV players, promising compensation. There is no launch of a new expansion for an MMO that does not entail certain problems, and the successful Final Fantasy XIV was not going to be an exception before the imminent arrival of Endwalker. Although the official launch of this new content would not be until tomorrow, day 7, after a last minute delay, there are some players who have been able to access it in advance, although not without experiencing both the usual queues and other errors for which from Square Enix have already apologized.

Issues before the official launch

The aforementioned delay was only in order to improve the stability of the game and to anticipate this situation, something that nevertheless seems not to have been avoided, having produced serious problems of player congestion. The Japanese company has in fact announced which are the busiest hours in each territory, speaking from 11:00 in the morning to 23:00 at night in the case of Europe.

The game’s producer, Naoki Yoshida, wanted to “thank the players for their understanding and cooperation so far”, detailing that the number of logins made during these days has exceeded the limit. At the same time, Yoshida ensures that Final Fantasy XIV players will receive compensation for the inconvenience in the form of 7 days of free play, effective from tomorrow, the 7th, until next December 14.

In the official statement from Square Enix there are specific error codes, such as 2002 and 5006, derived from this very matter, while trying to access the new content, and caused during character selection due to server congestion. As expected, there have been many who have come to speak on social networks to protest this situation, which in turn caused Yoshida to apologize, who never hesitates to come to the fore to give explanations.

Endwalker will arrive for all players starting tomorrow, December 7, on all platforms on which Final Fantasy XIV is available: PS4, PS5 and PC.