Final Fantasy XIV Online: Expected News Has Arrived


Final Fantasy XIV Online fourth expansion pack is out. Endwalker is coming out on November 23rd. Director Naoki Yoshida from Square Enix announced that the expansion is now available for pre-order. The Final Fantasy XIV Online expansion package, whose release date was announced at Digital Fan Festival 2021, is available for gamers.

The trailer of the expansion pack has been released

The game giant first announced that Endwalker will be released this fall for the PlayStation 5 beta in February. Now the expansion pack finally has a definite release date.

It also released the trailer of a new theme song composed by Masayoshi Soken (lead composer of Final Fantasy XIV Online), which Square Enix put on stage for the first time at the festival.

Final Fantasy XIV Online‘s Endwalker expansion can be pre-ordered from Square Enix’s website, PlayStation Store, and Steam.

The standard version of the pack will be sold at $ 40, while the petite and armed bonus version will be sold at $ 60. In addition, players who pre-order the expansion will have early access temporarily scheduled for November 19th.

Square Enix has also launched a collection box that contains physical items, including art prints, a paladin figure, a plush, and a badge, which can only be purchased through its online store. The box will find buyers for $ 140.


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