Final Fantasy XIV may continue indefinitely


Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida (Yoshi-P) commented in an interview with the Washington Post that the game should receive updates for at least another five years. He also commented that it may be until the game is not closed and that it receives support indefinitely.

It is worth remembering that the game arrived as a total failure, being criticized for the choice of various graphic elements, gameplay and also for many bugs. With Square Enix being forced by fans to take the game off the air, Yoshida was left in charge of rebuilding the title. That’s how they released A Realm Reborn and the game managed to be a success.

Now, even though Final Fantasy XVI is in development, Yoshida comments that Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda wants the team to continue investing in the old MMO. According to the director, Matsuda would be encouraging the search for another 30 million players, something that seems possible according to the report. This is because the growth in the number of people online in the game has not stagnated, on the contrary, it is growing.

According to the director, this is only possible thanks to specific planning within the studio. New expansions are created taking into account a proportion of work. The team considers the base of the game already developed 70%, the amount of work that the expansion can take should not exceed the stipulated 30%. This ensures that the title has new content frequently.

But that requires excellent organization in the long run. The Endwalker expansion, expected in the coming months, was written in 2019, for example.

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Asked about new content for the next title, Yoshi-P said that Square Enix is ​​taking care not to reveal anything in half. That’s because, according to him, each person tends to have his idea of ​​what was presented, which ends up being a false expectation most of the time.


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