Final Fantasy XIV makes its open beta available on PS5


Final Fantasy XIV: One of the best and most popular MMOs today, Final Fantasy XIV is finally available in its long-awaited PlayStation 5 version! The free open Beta can now be played by everyone in a native version for the new Sony console.

The download takes up a little less than 38 GB and allows you to try the game without having to pay for the monthly subscription fee. The idea is that the Beta will be available until the official release of the final version, which does not yet have an exact date set to happen.

In addition to faster loadings, the PS5 version of Final Fantasy XIV includes a frame rate at 60 stable FPS, native 4K resolution, 3D audio and support for haptic feedback in DualSense. Have you tried the game in previous generations? Will you participate in the Beta on PS5? Comment below what you think of this epic MMORPG!


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