Final Fantasy XIV gets anime trailer in South Korea


Even after almost ten years, the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV continues to be a huge success and surprising its fans positively. This time, the game even won a new special trailer, only with an animation in the style of anime that was sensational.

You can check out the trailer yourself in the video below, but since the animation was made for fans in South Korea, it is very likely that most people will not understand the lines or what is written. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t have subtitles or an English or Portuguese version, but it is possible that this will not take long to happen.

Still, it’s worth checking out the trailer, as you can get a good sense of what the character is doing when walking around Limsa Lominsa. Other than that, for those who are fans of MMO, it is great to see such a beautiful tribute to the game in this different format.

Considering that the new expansion called Endwalker was also announced recently, it cannot be denied that this short anime is an excellent way to draw new and old fans of Final Fantasy XIV. For those interested, check out the game on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Other than that, a version for the PS5 is also in the plans of Square Enix!