Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Will Be Much Bigger Than Shadowbringers, According to Yoshida


Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker: The MMORPG will receive its most ambitious expansion to date this November. Naoki Yoshida explains in an interview what we can expect.Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker aims to become a full stop for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn this November. The stage led by Naoki Yoshida, who was in charge of reviving the project until it became one of the most successful MMORPGs on the scene, will have an expansion full of content and that promises to feel more solid than any other; even more than the celebrated Shadowbringers.

Speaking to PC Gamer, the director of the title, Naoki Yoshida, explains that there is 30% more content in Endwalker than in Shadowbringers: “I would say that the amount has increased by 1.3 times.” In fact, in some moments of development they came to think if the ambition deposited in this new episode of Final Fantasy XIV was getting out of hand.

The Final Fantasy XIV team doubted if they would be able to cover it all

“It was too much, it could become critical to our schedule,” he comments on initial expectations for content with Endwalker. Although its size will be similar to other expansions, what we can do will be much more; also on the narrative plane. “I wondered if it was necessary to cut part of the plot that is unfolding […] but I made the decision to go ahead with what we have.”

“The number of dungeons is the same as the Shadowbringers, but the amount of work we’ve put into them has definitely increased. Environments, mechanics and presentations of the battles; we have paid more attention to each individual element that is part of this content. I feel like it’s going to be a much stronger experience overall than previous installments, ”Yoshida says.

In this case, Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker will continue to receive content updates in the future, but there will be no news on the plot level: the story will be told in full from the beginning. In the future, eventual expansions will create a new stage.

The result of Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker will be available this November 23 on PC, PS4 and also PlayStation 5. You can check here the collector’s edition, the new trade of the game and a new cinematic trailer.


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