Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker: Expansion Arrives in November 2021


Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker: During today’s Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival (14), Square Enix announced the launch date for the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker expansion, the series MMORPG: November 23, 2021. According to director Naoki Yoshida, the team would like to bring the game in advance, but the team is working hard to deliver quality content.

The Endwalker expansion was announced a few months ago, but only during the event did it gain new features, such as the DPS Reaper class, new cities and much more. The director commented that there were some setbacks due to the global pandemic and the game will arrive at the end of the year for PC, PS5 and PS4 (generally, the expansions are launched in the middle of the year, between June and August). Check out:

Collector’s and digital editions

In addition to revealing the release date of Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, Square Enix also released the various versions of the game, including the limited collector’s edition that is available on the Square Enix website.

As you might expect, there are deluxe versions with in-game items as well, which you can check below:

It had come in the male sex

Another novelty from the first day of the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival event, director Naoki Yoshida revealed a last detail that was much requested by fans: the possibility of playing as a male character of the Viera race (the same as Fran, from Final Fantasy XII).

More details will arrive in the future, but the team also indicated that they heard the appeal of the fans and intend to implement a female version of the Hrothgar breed, but that it will take a little longer, since the design team was busy with a lot of content for the expansion and implementation. the male version of Vieras in the right way.

New servers

As a final revelation on the 1st of the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival, Yoshida announced that Oceania will have its own servers, as they play with high latency on several servers in Asia. Unfortunately, nothing has been revealed for South America, which to date has no dedicated connections or PT-BR subtitles within the game.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker will arrive on PS4, PS5 and PC on November 23, 2021.


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