Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, Analysis. The Last Adventure Of The Hero Of Light


Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker: The final episode of the fight between Hydaelyn and Zodiark is now in stores. We analyze everything that gives Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. In 2013 a group of heroes known as the Square Enix Business Division 5 had the arduous task of lifting a wounded, dead and buried mmorpg; Final Fantasy XIV Online. Against all odds and in a move that had never been seen before in the video game market, Naoki Yoshida and his team completely renewed the title with a version called A Realm Reborn.

The years passed, the expansions followed one another – each one better – and today, after nine years fighting for the good of Etheirys, the world where our protagonists live, we come to the conclusion of an arc that has kept us in suspense all these years . This is our analysis of the closing of a saga, Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.

A hero’s journey

Getting to the point Final Fantasy XIV has reached has been difficult. The beginning of the video game with its version 1.0 in 2010 caused many new and arrived Final Fantasy XI players to abruptly abandon it due to its playability, content and other problems, to the point of making it free for most of its useful life. And yet Naoki Yoshida, director and producer of the game since half of that version, managed to attract players with a number of improvements and additions that everyone liked.

After a series of decisions that you can read in this article, Yoshida began to design a version 2.0 of the online game known later as A Realm Reborn, which was based on the history of the original title and which today closes with Endwalker. The journey has been long, very hard and full of obstacles, but what is clear is that like the Phoenix, the title has been revived and is now one of the most important mmorpg in the video game industry.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is the finishing touch to a trip to the history of this fourteenth chapter where it reviews all its important moments, shells them down to the smallest detail and closes zippers that were left open. An expansion made with love, full of incredible moments, reunions and many surprises. And although it is the folder to a story that has lasted 11 years, it is also the seed of what is to come, because there is still FFXIV to long, at least for ten more years.

After Shadowbringers, its last – to date – expansion, we thought it was impossible that new content could surpass it in quality, but Naoki Yoshida’s team has succeeded. The Endwalker narrative begins right where Shadowbringers ends and under the same leadership of who will tell us the events that occurred in the previous expansion; Natsuko Ishikawa. The screenwriter has done a colossal job reviewing the story so far and connecting all the open fronts there have been and have yet to be. Everything in Endwalker is explained and almost no mystery remains unsolved.