Final Fantasy XIV: Director Doesn’t Like Fans Attacking WoW


Final Fantasy XIV: With the growth of Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft polarizing their fan base with some pretty controversial decisions in the Shadowlands expansion, more and more players are drawing comparisons between the two MMORPGs. However, FF XIV director Naoki Yoshida doesn’t like to see Blizzard’s game being attacked.

In a recent broadcast translated by PC Gamer, Yoshi-P said, “The hard work we put into Final Fantasy 14 paid off, but all this talk about beating WoW is wrong talk, and honestly it’s kind of irritating.”

Rather than belittling the Blizzard classic, as many members of both communities are doing, Yoshi-P prefers to look with gratitude and reverence to the world of Warcraft.

“The Realm Reborn wouldn’t even exist without WoW. This was the game we constantly used as an example to try to reach.” The 12 million subscribers that Blizzard reached in its heyday was even cited by the director as “Mount Everest, you can’t reach that!”

Still, the hype for the upcoming Endwalker expansion is at its height, making the game even “run out” of its digital copies to keep from overloading servers, something the director considered “a little scary”.

Let’s see if Final Fantasy XIV continues its rise in popularity when Endwalker hits PC, PlayStation 5 and PS4 on November 23rd. Are you looking forward to this new content? Let us know in the comments below!


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