Final Fantasy XIV breaks its Own Steam Player Record


Final Fantasy XIV – the MMO title from one of the most popular JRPG franchises in the world – last weekend reached an impressive 47,542 simultaneous players on Steam, breaking its own record. The achievement becomes even more interesting when we take into account that the game will turn eight years old in August.

The record was registered on Valve’s official data platform. The game continues to trail other massive Steam hits, but appears in the top 100 most played. And the reason for the sudden explosion of players in FF XIV was somewhat unforeseen: an Asmongold live.

Asmongold is one of the best known streamers in the world of MMOs because of his World of Warcraft lives on Twitch. But last weekend, the content creator decided to try Final Fantasy XIV, making a broadcast with more than 2 million hits – which reverberated in a “boom” of players for the game.

This “surprise success” for the title comes at a very advantageous time for Square Enix. FF XIV has just transitioned to the PS5, just as the MMO prepares to receive its next major expansion. Endwalker’s content arrives this November in Final Fantasy XIV, so the developer still has time to take advantage of this renewed interest in the game to promote its news.


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