Final Fantasy XIV and Twitch Partner With Free Items


Final Fantasy XIV fans will have a great opportunity to get back to their Square Enix MMORPG adventures. The game has partnered with Twitch recently to offer some very interesting free items for its players.

Unlike what you might imagine, these items won’t be available to Twitch Prime subscribers, in fact, you’ll have to gift a subscription to another user to receive the treats. Unfortunately, this is only true for select streamers who will be playing Final Fantasy XIV during this period.

Those who decide to engage in this activity will receive 100 units of Heavenscracker and the mount known as Fat Black Chocobo which, as the name already makes clear, is a huge, chubby black Chocobo. It’s worth noting that one gift entry is required to win the 100 Heavenscracker, but a total of four entries are required to win this cute mount.

Just don’t wait too long to redeem these prizes, after all, they will only be available until the 24th of August. It is also necessary that the selected streamers are making a Final Fantasy XIV live at the time of submission, otherwise you will not receive the items.

If you’re curious to know what streamers make of this event, just check out the official MMORPG website! Are you going to participate and donate entries to guarantee your chubby Chocobo? Let us know in the comments!


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