Final Fantasy X: This is How Tidus and Auron Look With Unreal Engine and Ray Tracing


Final Fantasy X: A hobbyist has recreated part of the tenth installment of the role-playing saga with Unreal Engine 4. Enjoy his spectacular looks with the full video.Final Fantasy X has been on the market for 20 years, and although we do not know if we will ever see that Final Fantasy X-3 that Square Enix recently mentioned, thanks to YouTube user Toby Saunders we can imagine what the game would look like with a new graphic section generation: it is a recreation with Unreal Engine and technologies such as ray tracing, among others. Next, we leave you with the complete video (at 4K resolution), in which you can see how spectacular Tidus, Auron, Lulu and company look.

Final Fantasy X: 20 years of an unforgettable story

Originally released in the summer of 2001, the 10th installment in Square Enix’s long-running role-playing franchise has just turned 20 years old. After the trilogy of deliveries that we received on the Original PlayStation, Final Fantasy X represented the generational premiere of the saga on PS2 to offer us an unforgettable love story, starring Tidus and Yuna, protagonists of the title.

Just a few days ago we paid tribute to its twentieth anniversary, in which we reviewed all the elements that gave rise to a highly acclaimed video game among fans of the saga: turn-based combat, a sphere board, bliztball matches, invocations and, of course , the timeless love story set by the protagonists of the adventure across Spira. You can read our full report through the following link.

Final Fantasy X was originally released for the PS2 in the summer of 2001. It subsequently received remasters on the PS Vita, PS3, and PS4. Today, you can enjoy the title with improvements thanks to the Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster, available on PS4 (compatible with PS5), Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.


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