Final Fantasy VII: suggests returning dead character


During Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Playstation PLAY! PLAY! PLAY! which aired this past weekend, FFVII Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase gave more details on the game’s sequence, suggesting the return of Jessie Rasberrie, heroically killed in the first title.

Jessie, who gained wide prominence in the 2020 remake, had her story significantly expanded compared to the 1997 classic, deepening her relationship with Cloud and members of the Avalanche organization, but unfortunately her fate ended up being tragic in both games. Despite this, everything indicates that the Square Enix team intends to add a beautiful twist involving the character, which may return to life in Part 2.

When asked about the possibility of the eco-terrorist being alive, Yoshinori Kitase burst out with nervous and suspicious laughter, even saying that “I can’t say anything about it”. Even without giving more compromising details, the reaction of the producer was the same as those who do not want to go wrong by telling spoilers, and the internet started to theorize about Jessie’s probable participation in the FFVII Remake sequel. Check out the video below.

At the moment, Square’s efforts are focused on the launch of Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade, scheduled for June 10 as a PS5 exclusive. Therefore, it should still be a while before there is the first news about the second chapter of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

What do you think of the theory about Jessie? Do you believe that the character will be able to return to life? Leave your answer in the comments.


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