Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Free Android Theme Released


A designer named Skye from Flashworks Design shared the Android theme she developed for Final Fantasy VII Remake on Reddit. The theme, which is offered for free, brings the designs in the game to the phones with different features.

Skye from shared a special Final Fantasy VII Remake Android theme on Reddit. The theme completely changes the user interface of the phones. If you want to go beyond boring stock themes, this particular theme offers amazing.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake theme came in two different options, the 2nd version of the Shinra PHS theme for the designer KLWP Pro. It is suggested to use the theme with Nova Launcher. You will also need Kustom Live Wallpaper Pro (KLWP) available on the Play Store.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Android theme came in two different options
The first option comes from Scarlett’s Advanced Weaponry unit and brings the materia slot system in the game to the phones. In the equipment category, you can place your desired applications in the slots.

You can use functions such as sub-grid positioning and icon size adjustment on the main screen. You need to set and save the equipment names and number of slots in KLWP Preview to ensure that the settings continue when restarted.

The second option is Palmer’s Space and Aeronautics unit theme and brings an amazing map and weather display to all versions of PHS. To use the map, you need to paste a “Google Static Maps API” into the first variable labeled “key” in KLWP after installing the theme.

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When using in Nova Launcher, when you touch the symbols of both options, the app drawer opens. The menus have been redesigned to be more compatible with the FF7 Remake. The main menu shortcuts can be quickly edited from the ‘shortcuts’ section in the KLWP preview. You can download the Advanced Weaponry theme here, the Space Program theme here.


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