Final Fantasy VII Remake will be updated for free on PS5


Those who have the PS4 version will be able to update completely free of charge to the version of the next generation console.

New State of Play underway, new announcements on the way. At MeriStation we have covered it minute by minute, also when the PS5 version of Final Fantasy VII Remake, the Square Enix production, has been announced. The surprise is that an unexpected character has appeared, none other than Yuffie Kisaragi, one of the classic and secret characters from the original game. The announcement has been accompanied by a video in which we have seen her in action, infiltrating Shinra.

Intergrade is the name of the episode starring Yuffie, which will be available on June 10. As for the version optimized for PS5, the game improves its graphics and reaches 60 fps. The good news is that upgrading from PS4 to the new generation will be completely free. We can do it on the same date. Regarding the Yuffie DLC, it will be sold separately for those who come from the PS4 version and upgrade to PS5.

A new face for the classic

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a reimagining of the classic, a fresh perspective within a well-known universe. The basis of the story is the same, but Square Enix has decided to expand it across various installments. Taking into account the narrative structure of the original, the developers have taken the opportunity to add lines of dialogue and completely new plots, which help to delve into characters that in the classic had a merely anecdotal role.

The team led by Tetsuya Nomura has not implemented a traditional turn-based combat system, instead they have preferred to focus it on action. However, the studio has been careful not to lose the vantage point along the way. The first part of the remake focuses exclusively on the Midgar part, which of course has been duly expanded. It remains to be seen how he evolves in the future, as the number of deliveries of which he will be composed is still unknown.

Final Fantasy VII Remake came out last April 2020 exclusively for PlayStation 4, an exclusive that will end when the calendar year is fulfilled from launch. Will we see it on other platforms? We will have to wait.


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