Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: Yuffie’s DLC Will Be a Hard Copy Code


Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: Physical copies of the PS5 video game will not include Yuffie’s DLC on disc; It will be necessary to download it separately, confirms the EB Games store.Yuffie’s DLC in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade for PS5 will not be included on the game disc in the physical versions. The EB Games chain of stores indicates on its web portal that the new episode “will be a code included in the box”, so that players will acquire the physical copy with all the content of the improved base adventure for PlayStation 5; not so the additional episode, which will be a download code for the PS Store.

The expertise of the famous Wutai ninja, Yuffie, will be the great attraction of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade for the so-called INTERmission Episode. At the moment, we know that it will take place in the same timeline as Cloud’s adventure, which is being narrated in parallel in the meantime. The young thief will face Shinra with the help of Sonon during the fighting; but she will be the only selectable character.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will be exclusive to PlayStation 5 for at least six months. Game Director Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed that this will be the only DLC for the game.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Coming June 10 to PS5

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will be available exclusively for PS5 from June 10. Players who have purchased Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4 will be able to upgrade to this Intergrade version for free, including a dynamic 60 FPS 4K resolution mode, photo mode, reduced loading times, and lighting improvements. They will not be able to update, however, the players who got the copy given months ago to subscribers of PS Plus for PS4.

Those upgrading from PS4 to PS5 will need to purchase the Yuffie DLC separately. In other words: only those who buy Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade on PS5 will have the additional serial episode included in either of its two editions.

Regarding Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 we know that it intends to “surprise the fans”. Naoki Hamaguchi will be its solo CEO; development, they indicate, is progressing well.


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