Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade details developments


Announced during the latest State of Play, Final Fantasy VII Intergrade today received a new wave of information and images focused especially on the Yuffie Kisaragi DLC, which will be exclusive to PlayStation 5!

The new system from Sony will feature a graphically more detailed version of the RPG winner of The Game Awards 2020, with a free update for those who bought the game on PS4 – just stay tuned because the version redeemed on PlayStation Plus does not entitle you to improvement.

In Integrade, new elements were added, such as the option to play in “graphics mode” that prioritizes 4K resolution, or else in “performance mode”, which makes the game run at 60 stable fps. A “photo mode” has also been added to capture your favorite images in as much detail as possible!

It will be possible to import your save from PS4 to PS5, and the new video game will bring more worked and visually stunning textures and lighting effects, including fog effects and more realistic objects.

In the DLC plot, Yuffie Kisaragi (played by Yumi Kakazu) and her partner, Wutai Sonon’s soldier (Yoshimasa Hosoya), cooperate with the Avalanche group by carrying out secret orders to steal the Ultimate Materia developed by the Shinra company.

There will be two totally new chapters for fans to enjoy, and they will arrive on June 10th, exclusively for PlayStation 5! Are you looking forward to the new content? Comment below!


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