Final Fantasy VII Remake: Control Cloud With A Dress Thanks To A PC Mod


Final Fantasy VII Remake: The modder community has also added Scarlet, one of the villains of the adventure, as a weapon for Cloud, among other curiosities. The launch of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade on PC (via Epic Games Store) has brought with it the arrival of the first mods. At one point during the departure, Cloud pretends to be a woman and accompanies Tifa, also dressed for a party. Now, from the hand of the modder community, it is possible to fully enjoy the adventure with these galas, as you can see in the video just below these lines. And it is not the only mod that is available.

Other mods of interest: Scarlet becomes a sword

Can you imagine handling Scarlet like she was a sword? This crazy idea has been translated into reality. Now, the evil executive of Shinra helps us to eliminate her own soldiers. In addition to these curious mods, the community has also focused on the more technical level. And it is that the port of Final Fantasy VII Remake on PC has been very critical:

Dynamic Resolution Disabler does just what it promises: it disables dynamic resolution rescaling, as players have complained that the system is malfunctioning and makes the title look worse. The mod promises visual improvements when activated.