Final Fantasy VII Remake Compares The Graphics On PS5 and PC: Are There Improvements?


Final Fantasy VII Remake: The Bit Analyst analyzes and compares in a video how both versions of the reimagined version of the Squaresoft classic perform. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade was announced for PC (Epic Games Store) during The Game Awards 2021. A few days later, Square Enix’s work is now available on the platform. It comes out at full price, that is, 79.99 euros, something very far from the prices that are usually set for compatible. Bits Analyst, one of the YouTube channels specialized in making graphical comparisons, has done the same with the PS5 and PC versions of the video game. You can see it under these lines.

The comparison was made on a PC with an NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 3080 graphics card. On the other hand, the game was captured using the quality mode on PlayStation 5. Does it look and play better on a computer? The conclusion reached is that “it seems that the PC version has been a PS5 port without add-ons”, beyond the fact that the framerate can reach 120fps.

Few graphic options

This adaptation includes all the graphical improvements that were already added in the next generation Sony console. It applies dynamic resolution so that the framerate remains stable, although at the configuration level the options are very sparse. According to The Bit Analyst, it is only possible to modify the quality of the shadows, the textures and the number of NPCs that populate the world of Midgar.

“The maximum settings are equivalent to the PS5 settings. Both platforms have the same quality of shadows, textures, anisotropic filtering, drawing distance, lighting ”, he explains. Likewise, the PC version also allows HDR to be activated

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is the next-generation version of the PlayStation 4 video game. It is the first part of a project that will last for years, although the second installment has not yet been officially shown. Being a reimagining there will be changes with respect to the classic of the first PlayStation.