Final Fantasy VII Remake coming to PS Plus in March


Yesterday there was a rumor that the Final Fantasy VII Remake game could be made available for free on the PS Plus service in March. And today the PlayStation profile itself confirmed the information, making players even more excited to take advantage of the new free option to play.

In addition to FF VII, the games “Maquette”, “Remnant: From the Ashes” and the game to play with VR glasses from Sony, “Farpoint”, will be available for PS Plus in March, where everyone can be enjoyed from next day 2, Tuesday.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake game could be the next game chosen by Sony as part of the PS Plus service, allowing users to enjoy it for free for a month and save a significant amount.

If the rumors of Nick “Shpeshal Ed” Baker, from Xbox Era, are correct, this could happen as early as March, so that fans of one of the best games in the franchise developed by Square Enix do not need to shell out a penny to enjoy of this version with several graphics and gameplay improvements.

Although it seems something far from reality, this information ends up being ratified by a leak shared by ResetEra’s KatharsisT, who responded to Ed’s tweet saying that his post is correct, causing the players’ hype to start growing around of that increasing probability.

And if Sony changes plans and Final Fantasy VII Remake is not available on PS Plus in March, many leakers will be surprised, as internal reports show that this is certain to happen. Obviously it is not 100% guaranteed information, but the leaks regarding games arriving for free on different services are usually confirmed.


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