Final Fantasy VII INTERmission receives new photos and information


Final Fantasy VII: Square Enix confirmed today (13) that the Yuffie Episode in Final Fantasy VII Remake will be officially called Episode INTERmission. Unfortunately the content remains exclusive to PlayStation 5 players, but some new concept images have been shown:

The DLC cast has also been revealed and will bring the talents of Suzie Yeung (Yuffie Kisaragi), Aleks Le (Sonon Kusakabe), Daman Mills (Weiss), Griffin Puatu (Zhijie), Ashley Boettcher (Nayo), David Goldstein (Billy Bob) and Daniel Amerman (Polk).

Finally, some more details of the gameplay were also mentioned, confirming that Yuffie will fight mostly using his weapon with a giant shuriken star, being able to summon elemental Ninjutsu, in addition to having the skills of a ninja fighter style taking advantage of Banishment and Windstorm in battle.

Final Fantasy Intergrade and Yuffie’s DLC arrive exclusively on PS5 on June 10th. How are your expectations for the new content? Comment below!


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