Final Fantasy VII: Fan Remasters Cutscenes and Visuals Impress


Final Fantasy VII: Youtuber SnazzyAI shared a video on their social networks featuring a complete CGI remastering of the classic Final Fantasy VII, which now has significantly better resolution and an upgrade in frame rate.

Originally released in 1997 for PlayStation, Final Fantasy VII caught the public’s attention for showing visuals and technical aspects far ahead of its time, especially in relation to the impressive cutscenes, which contained many simultaneous elements and were packed with events. However, the almost 25 years of life did not do very well for the game and its graphics ended up aging badly, becoming partially unable to marvel in the same way.

Now, a new artificial intelligence system implemented by SnazzyAI has brought back nostalgic and stunning airs to the game, updating the resolution from 240p to 1080p and improving the frame rate from 15 fps to 30 fps. The feat was made possible by a redefinition of the interpolation rate and upscaling, which resulted in visuals full of details and much more vivid. Check out the video below.

“My goal is to respect the masterful work of the original version,” said the youtuber. “I simply want to unlock the details that were already there, but unfortunately hidden behind the technical limitations of the time.”

What did you think of the remastering of the FFVII CGIs? Leave your opinion in the comments.


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