Final Fantasy VII: Fan Recreates Street Fighter-style RPG


Final Fantasy VII: Digital artist Kercy has gained fame on Twitter by taking well-known games to other formats and genres, always in a retro and pixelated style. One of his more recent arts brings together two of his favorite things: Final Fantasy and Street Fighter.

As we can see in the image above, Kercy reimagines Final Fantasy VII with the gameplay and graphic style of Street Fighter 3rd Strike. For the purist and nostalgic of 2D fighting games, this was the last Street Fighter “root” before Capcom abandoned the classic sprites in exchange for characters completely rendered in 3D with the release of Street Fighter IV.

It may seem strange to see Cloud and Tifa ready to take the crap, but Square Enix isn’t completely foreign to the format. Final Fantasy characters already face off in the Dissidia series and, even before that, in the late Ehrgeiz.

An important difference brought about by Kercy’s vision, however, is that the protagonists of the acclaimed series of JRPGs have never faced each other in this classic 2D style. And, as strange as this may sound, the faster paced and creepy combos allowed by the format perhaps fit more with what we see in traditional Final Fantasy games.

Who out there agrees with Kercy’s imagination and would also love to see Capcom and Square Enix partner on a 2D fighting game for Final Fantasy? Or would some readers prefer to partner with NetherRealm?


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