Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII Remastered


They will do it in two different packs, one that only includes the eighth installment for PS4 and another with both video games in the same box (Nintendo Switch).

The classics never die, and less if they belong to a saga with as much travel as Final Fantasy. Square Enix has announced that the physical editions of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will go on sale on December 4 in Spain. The announcement was made through a tweet, in which the Japanese have detailed the edition that will be available on each platform.

While Nintendo Switch will receive a pack that includes both the seventh and eighth installments, PlayStation 4 users will have to settle for Final Fantasy VIII Remastered alone. Thus, they are now available to reserve on the official Square Enix website.

The games of the saga that are to come

The adventure starring Squall takes us to a fantasy world where the Seeds face witches. They are warriors hired to fight for just causes, so they intervene in wars and other types of conflicts. Final Fantasy VII, for its part, released its first part of the remake this year. The story of Cloud, Tifa, Barret and company will continue to unfold in a new chapter, about which we still do not know anything.

And what about the new games? Final Fantasy XVI was announced at the PlayStation 5 game presentation event. As of today, it is confirmed as a Sony console exclusive, although its release date has not yet been revealed. Developed by the team behind the fourteenth installment, it seems that development is more advanced than expected. At least that suggests a job offer, which ensures that basic development has already been completed. Even so, the product and the cinematics in particular still remain to be polished, among other aspects.

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