Final Fantasy: Series heroines shine in beautiful fan art


Final Fantasy: Over its 30+ years of history, the Final Fantasy franchise has introduced us to an enviable cast of landmark characters and stories, being home to some of video game’s most memorable heroines. With that in mind, the website Dualshockers did a great job of research and gathered a lot of amazing artwork from them!

Let’s start with one of the best Super Nintendo games, as Final Fantasy VI was starred by the incredible Terra Branford. This art by Muju brings a beautiful reinterpretation of the character:

Terra Branford por Muju

More than being the victim of one of the most well-known and striking spoilers in video games, the beautiful Aerith is the heart and soul of the acclaimed Final Fantasy VII, and her purity was well highlighted in the art of SteamyTomato:

Aerith Gainsborough por SteamyTomato


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