Final Fantasy Renews The First Six Games In Its Series


Final Fantasy is renewing the first six games in its series. It has been announced that the first six games of the main Final Fantasy series will be “remastered” and re-released. According to information from Square Enix, these games will be distributed on PC via Steam. It will be possible to play these games on iOS and Android platforms as well.

Each of the games will be released separately as part of the “Pixel Remaster Series”. Square Enix did not provide information on when these games will be released. The company only used the phrase “soon”.

In the post on Square Enix’s Twitter account, it was stated that the game will go through a “perfect pixel makeover”. This statement means that the games will be presented to users in a renewed way, preserving their original visual designs.

Square Enix has not shared much details about this project, which excited Final Fantasy fans, for now. However, it will not be a surprise to hear new information on the subject in the coming period.