Final Fantasy: Pubg Rival Game Land Appeared

Final Fantasy is coming. A tough competitor is on the way for Pubg, which is revolutionizing the mobile gaming market. It opened the records for closed beta tests for the Final Fantasy battle royale game, which was announced at the PS5 launch. Apart from Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, Square Enix continues to work on a different Final Fantasy mobile game.

Final Fantasy battle royale game and features

While Square Enix was preparing for the Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, on the other hand, it accelerated its work for two separate mobile games. The game, which will focus on the pre Final Fantasy VII, takes place in Midgar city.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier will take battle royale fans to a different universe. The game, where players struggle to survive, will stand out with its fantastic elements. Square Enix also released the first gameplay footage of the First Soldier with its Twitch broadcast.

You use the weapons we know from the battle royale games in the game, which has a very fluid gameplay. Of course, apart from these weapons, you will also have magic power according to the character you choose. However, other players are not our only opponents in the game. You will also have to survive against Artificial Intelligence Final Fantasy monsters.

Final Fantasy VII: First Soldier battle royale game closed beta registrations are now open to US and Canadian users.

Although registration for closed beta tests has started, tests will begin on June 1. However, as you can see in the Twitch broadcast replay, which you can watch from the YouTube video we shared above, the game is quite stable. Of course, it is a question of how to get results in online user tests.

Final Fantasy VII world expands with mobile games

Square Enix is ​​also preparing for Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis. This game, on the other hand, will be in a single-player story style, not online.

Both Square Enix’s games featured a story set in Midgar city 30 years before Final Fantasy VII. The other mobile game Final Fantasy VII Remake is written by Kazushige Nojima.



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