Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Will Be Released In July This Year


Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: As any fan of Square Enix’s RPGs can confirm, Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster was a great surprise to want a collection of the franchise’s old games on modern platforms. Fortunately, now we even know that the game will be released in July this year.

The novelty was revealed in a casual way, as it happened during a relaxed chat between the team that worked on this collection. That video was just like it wasn’t listed on YouTube, but now it’s also gone private, so you can’t access it anymore.

The information appeared at the end, in an image showing the logo of all the games that are part of the package. Although they didn’t specify a certain day for the arrival of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster on PC and Android and iOS smartphones, it should happen soon, after all, it’s already the end of June.

Are you excited to play the first six titles in the Final Fantasy series with this special edition? Leave your comment below telling us which of these classics you always wanted to try!


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