Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Polemics With Its Tiny Font


Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: After a brief and blunt announcement at Square Enix’s E3 2021 presentation, the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster collection has started to release more details about their games. Some wonderful, like the fact that all the first six titles will be localized to Portuguese, and others not so…

The first big complaint revolves around the price, as many players considered the promotional value of R$ 288.60 currently charged on Steam for the package with all six games to be abusive. Without this offer, purchasing Final Fantasy I to VI would cost no less than R$370 to our pockets!

As cool as the new graphics and soundtrack are reworked with the advice of legend Nobuo Uematsu, the fact is that these are still games released between the 8 and 16 bit generations. Purchased individually, the first two games cost R$45 without promotion, or R$36 in promotional value. From Final Fantasy III onwards, the values ​​rise to R$ R$ 70 or R$ 56.

Another focus of complaints was the font chosen by Square Enix to use in the game’s texts and menus, as it hurts the eyes a little because it’s so compact and small. While this issue can be fixed with mods on PC, many people are asking for changes before release or complaining a lot, like journalists Tim Rogers and Heather Anne Campbell.

Let’s see if anything will change by the time the games are released. The first batch of titles arrives as early as July 28th and includes Final Fantasy I, II and III, with the remaining titles arriving sometime in 2021. Are you thinking of buying them? What did you think of the price and font? Comment below!


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