Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster I, II and III Released; See Gameplay


Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: This Wednesday (28), the first three Final Fantasy (FF) Pixel Remaster games were released on Steam and on Android and iOS devices. FF IV, V, VI still don’t have a release date—Steam lists it as 2021. The six-game compilation is priced at R$288 on computers, with the option to buy the first two titles individually for R$45 and the third for R$45. BRL 70.

The recent controversy over the choice of font in the game interface may have affected the purchase decision of many enthusiasts; Watch three gameplay videos, published by YouTube channel Nova Crystallis, that illustrate the early parts of the narratives, before you shell out — beware of spoilers.

The new graphics try to be true to Kazuko Shibuya’s original aesthetics, with sharp pixels, unlike the company’s past re-releases, which blurred sprites with a bilinear filter.

In addition, the soundtracks, supervised by Nobuo Uematsu, gained new arrangements. The six titles in the collection will have Brazilian Portuguese as the language option.

Finally, the gameplay has been updated, with the option of automatic combats, balances and a new interface. A gallery featuring artwork by character designer Yoshitaka Amano will also be available.

How to solve this “questionable” font

In addition to being small, the space between characters in the font chosen by Square makes reading difficult. To improve readability, Scott White, RPG Site journalist, found that the Japanese game has a much larger font that is pleasing to the eye; the professional prepared a “gambiarra” to put the Japanese font style in our alphabet — a method applicable only in the Steam version.


Go to the game’s “Properties” option in your library, choose the “Local Files” button, and click “Browse…”. The shortcut should open the game folder in your chosen storage for installation.

Choose the “Final Fantasy_Data” folder, then click “Streaming Assets” to find the font files. Then create a backup of the items “font_en.bundle”, “font_en.manifest”, “font_ja.bundle” and “font_ja.manifest”.

Delete the original “en” files and rename the “ja” to “en”. Finally, put a copy of the backups of “font_ja.bundle” and “font_ja.manifest” back in the folder to ensure the game will open normally. If you run into control connection issues, try taking it off and putting it back on — no joke, Scott’s recommendation.

If you are playing in Portuguese, perform the same process with the “pt” files. Alternate font may have display issues, leaving enclosed spaces through the Interface, so it’s good to create a backup if you want to get back to normal.


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