Final Fantasy IX, New Moguri Mod Update


The Squaresoft classic this year celebrated its 20th anniversary since its launch on the first PlayStation. You don’t blow twenty candles every day, but Final Fantasy IX is one of those classics that has become a veteran by now.

The production of the old Squaresoft was initially marketed exclusively for PlayStation, although over the years it has seen the light of current consoles, mobile devices and PC. It is precisely this last platform that benefits from the Moguri Mod, which has just been updated to version 8.2.0 ( is a hotfix that corrects some small errors).

As reported on the mod’s official page, the patch visually improves 145 objects, as well as a series of fixes in the videos, the synchronization of the soundtrack, etc. Those responsible for this software, which notably polishes the pre-rendered backgrounds of the original video game, have also expanded support for ultra-wide monitors. Thus, almost all environments work correctly on this type of screen. As if that were not enough, the mod reinforces the sound quality, since by default it will work at 44kHz.

Character designer would like to continue the story

The Final Fantasy IX storyline was closed on the original title and a plot sequel to the project has never been developed. However, on the occasion of the anniversary, the character designer of the classic, Toshiyuki Itahana, acknowledged that he would love to continue with the story of Yitán, Vivi and company. Of course, Square Enix has not announced anything about it, although the Japanese developer clarifies that it would only agree to materialize the project if the vision of the original development team is guaranteed.

“Final Fantasy IX is loved by fans, but it also fascinates us, the development team,” explained the creative. “I would be delighted if, respecting the wishes of the original studio, I could one day have the opportunity to continue the story, which means a lot to us.”


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